Gruppo CLAS celebrates
its 40 years of activity
through a new, simpler,
clearer and more
interactive website


A new website
to regularly share
our clients’ progresses
and successes


A new website to supply
more contents and ideas
useful to the growth
of society

Scientific research and technical assistance to successfully manage transformation processes

Our services

Technical Assistance

National, regional and local institutions find in Gruppo CLAS the expertise necessary to define and manage projects, plans and programs.


Gruppo CLAS has extensive experience in the design and management of systems to monitor plans and projects aimed at economic and social development.

Statistical Information System

Gruppo CLAS measures and interprets complex economic phenomena and their dynamics, creating innovative information systems and databases that combine administrative sources with statistics.

Applied research and studies

Gruppo CLAS performs scientific analysis and applied research to interpret reality, and understand socio-economic phenomena and changes in society.

Policy Evaluation

Gruppo CLAS provides its twenty-year experience to evaluate projects, programs and policies, especially those co-financed by European Union resources.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Gruppo CLAS has developed for many years a robust, time-efficient methodology to assess the physical and economic effects of projects.

Industry Analysis

Gruppo CLAS researches on territories and productive sectors are often crucial to support the strategic orientations and choices of institutions, representative bodies and businesses.

Economic and financial investment analysis

The insight into social and economic dynamics, combined with the use of financial models, allows Gruppo CLAS to assess projects potentiality.

Strategy Consulting

Thanks to a constant cooperation with universities, Gruppo CLAS can help customers, especially Public Administration, define their own strategies and state their efficiency.

Socio-economic research

Gruppo CLAS experience in data collection, analysis and processing allows to arrange and carry out surveys on phenomena of different nature.

Project management

Planning, coordination and control of complex projects are an integral part of Gruppo CLAS offer.

Market Research

Market and customer satisfaction surveys carried out by Group CLAS provide reliable analysis useful for institutions and businesses of any size to make strategic decisions.

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